Calypso Double Plus midwife test - 97 % recommendation

Large-scale midwife test

1,000 midwives – 1,000 Calypso Double Plus

97 % Recommendation

Breast pumps from Ardo

Breast pumps from Ardo

Ardo breast pumps offer reliability and independence. Experience it for yourself.

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ARDO Guide

Hello Baby

The free eBook on breastfeeding

Tips & information on the subjects of breast massage, breastfeeding positions, breastfeeding products, and much more.


100% safe and hygienic!

100% safe and hygienic!

The Ardo "Vacuum Seal" technology has impressed mothers and professionals alike.

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Calypso is test winner

Calypso is the test winner

Noise test shows that Calypso is the quietest breastpump.

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Carum Case Studies

Carum – Case Studies

The Case Study brochure is designed to demonstrate, through a variety of case studies, how the Carum breastpump can be used and what breastfeeding problems it can address.

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Products for use in hospitals

Our products are developed in co-operation with lactation consultants using the most up to date knowledge and expertise. 

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