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Ardo is in regular contact with such professionals and experts as midwives, lactation consultants and doctors. We are constantly exchanging information so that we can better respond to the needs of our clients. Our highest priority: an open personal and constructive contact.

This means we will be able to offer premium quality to meet the most stringent demands.

Come aboard, tell us what you want and take advantage of our gratis information and teaching materials.

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We are a Swiss family firm which is active worldwide. Our approach to Breastfeeding is holistic. We are concerned not just with matters economic, but with ecological, ethical and social goals, as is possible only a family firm.  We live our responsibility to our clients, society and the environment.

Ardo is committed to the WHO Codex. We are aware of the influence good Breastfeeding management during the first weeks can have on the long-term prospects for Breastfeeding.

“Made in Switzerland” is our motto. This is reflected in our exceptionally high standards in terms of quality and sustainability. Our suppliers are mostly local which means a short response time in case of modifications or new requirements. Ardo guarantees that all Breastfeeding products are Bisphenol A (BPA)-free.

We look forward to collaborating with you for the benefit of Breastfeeding mothers everywhere.